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ブラボ リカルド ハビエル

Clinica Enamel Pearl White Floral Mint 130g [Lion]

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◆Achieve strong, bright, white teeth with our unique enamel care formula. Thoroughly removes stains from teeth.
・Double scrubs of large and small sizes thoroughly remove stains from tooth surfaces and small gaps.
-Enzymes break down and remove plaque. Increases the crystal density of enamel.
・Medicated fluoride (fluoride) promotes remineralization, increases the crystal density of enamel, and prevents cavities. Preserves the beauty of teeth: Stain barrier ingredients suppress stain re-adhesion. Finishes with smooth teeth.
◇Fine bubbles spread to every corner of your mouth.
◇Clean “White Floral Mint” and refreshing “French”

[Single item size] 60 x 161 x 38 (mm) [Capacity] 130G