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store information

【shop's name】
fair supporter

LLC Web Manager

[Sales Manager]
Yuya Niwatari

6-21-1-1407 Takinogawa, Kita-ku, Tokyo

[Telephone number and other contact information]
We do not provide support over the phone.
Please be sure to contact us through the inquiry desk.
Email address support@ fair-supporter.jp
Homepage https://fair-supporter.jp/

Sales price of products, etc.

For product sales prices, please refer to each product page on this site ( https://fair-supporter.jp/ ).

Regarding shipping etc.

[Shipping method and delivery time of products, etc.]
Yamato Transport's courier service or Sagawa Transport's Hikyaku courier service Usually ships within 3 to 5 business days from the date of order.

[Required charges other than product price]
・Shipping fee: 770 yen (4,818 yen only for Okinawa prefecture)
If the order amount is over 4,980 yen including tax (36,000 yen in Okinawa Prefecture), shipping is free.
・Internet connection fees such as communication charges and other telecommunication line communication costs must be paid separately by the customer.

About payment methods

【payment method】
Credit card (VISA / Master Card / JCB / American Express), Apple Pay

[Payment period]
Payment will be made at the time of receipt of order for products, etc. or services. In the case of credit cards, please contact us directly as it varies depending on the credit card company you are using.

About returns and exchanges

[Return conditions]
Please note that as a general rule, our store cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer convenience. If the delivered product is defective, we will deal with it as described in "About defective products."

[About defective products]
If the delivered product is different from the customer's order due to initial defects, wrong product, or insufficient quantity, the customer must contact us within one month from the date of delivery of the product. Our company will respond to returns and exchanges only if the customer contacts us within the specified period. In this case, shipping costs will be borne by us.
If you wish to make a return or exchange, please be sure to contact our inquiry desk in advance. If the product is returned to us without prior notification, we will not accept a return or exchange. Please note.

Specific examples of refusing returns/exchanges: Reasons such as initial defects after the specified number of days have passed since the product arrived, wrong quantity, wrong product, product appearance different from the image such as color or shape, etc. Damaged/scratched gift box, etc. Reasons such as dirt (excluding significant damage caused by problems during delivery, etc.)

Regarding order cancellation

[About cancellation]
Please note that our store cannot accept cancellations of orders (withdrawal of product applications or cancellation of sales contracts) due to customer circumstances.

If a product is returned to our store after being shipped from our store due to reasons such as the customer not receiving it, please contact our inquiry desk to request a resend.
However, rather than reshipping the order to the customer, we may process the order as a new product or take other necessary measures. Please note.

Returns due to customer circumstances (including cases where the product is not received) will not be accepted. If the item is returned, the customer will be responsible for paying the transfer fee, shipping fee, etc.

[Rules for refunds, etc.]
If a product is out of stock, we will notify the customer accordingly. In this case, if you wish, you can cancel your purchase, and if you have already received the payment for the product, we will refund your money.
If production of a product, etc. has been discontinued, we will notify customers to that effect. If we have already received the payment for the item in question, we will issue a refund.

Withdrawal, cancellation of contract (contract for use of this site)

You may delete your membership registration and withdraw from this service at any time by following the prescribed procedures specified by our company.