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Top Clear Liquid Antibacterial Refill

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Antibacterial for 48 hours, eliminating the three major odor problems caused by bacteria. This is a liquid detergent that thoroughly prevents room-drying odors, 2-room drying odors, and 3-room drying odors, allowing you to wash comfortably.
・Since it is antibacterial for 48 hours, it eliminates the three major odor problems around the laundry.
- Supports not only odor removal but also virus removal.
- Because the liquid is smooth, the liquid drains easily and there is no liquid left on the cap, making it difficult for detergent to remain in the detergent slot of the washing machine.
- Because it has a slight fragrance, it does not interfere with the scent of the fabric softener.
- Can be rinsed once.

[Single item size] 360 x 276 x 216 (mm) [Capacity] 500G