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Total care periodontal mild 1000ML

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[Highly functional all-in-one] [Liquid toothpaste] [Quasi-drug] - Contains anti-inflammatory ingredients (GK2) in addition to bactericidal ingredients to prevent periodontal disease*.
・Care for all oral problems, from periodontal disease prevention to bad breath, gunk, cavities, discolored stains, and oral discomfort. For a healthy mouth.
- Mild, non-alcoholic formula with a pleasant texture.
- Feels so good that even people who don't like spiciness or irritation will want to use it every day.
・Fresh Bouquet Flavor *Periodontal disease is a general term for gingivitis and periodontitis.

[Single item size] 248 x 246 x 240 (mm) [Capacity] 1000ML