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Look Plus Bathtub Cleansing Floral Soap Scent Refill 450ML

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A new type of bathroom detergent that allows you to wash the bathtub without scrubbing it by simply spraying a mist over the entire bathtub and rinsing it off in the shower after 60 seconds.
●One push can spray detergent mist over an area of ​​about 1 meter, making it easy to spray detergent all over the bathtub.
●It's a blue mist that spreads evenly and easily, so it's easy to see where it's applied.
●The "neutralizing cleaning" removes the calcium that causes dirt to stick and floats it away, allowing you to remove dirt by simply waiting 60 seconds without scrubbing.

[Single item size] 130 x 237 x 70 (mm) [Capacity] 450ML